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Web Designing Course in Mohali


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  • Mssoffto  offers best web designing training course  in mohali. we provide 100% practical training on Live projects of off shore clients from USA, Uk,France and Germany.Web designing is the term of development of webpages layout or structure, content building , Content optimization.A web designer is responsible for the creative design of website. We provide full time one year diploma course in web designing and short term course in web designing as well. Mssoffto  offers  web designing  training  in mohali with 2 years of course validity. Students who have very less or no intrest in programming languages like java or .net can opt web designing. as web designing is term of designing static web pages which consist no programming.Web designing basically starts from HTML and CSS.

    Web Designing Course Fee and Duration

    • 1 Year Diploma in Web designing (Fee – 30,000/- INR)

    • 6 Months Training on Web Designing (Fee- 15,500/- INR)

    • 2 Months Short Term Course in Web Designing( Fee- 6,000/- INR)

    • 45 Days Industrial Training on Web designing (Fee- 4500 /- INR)

    • All Courses Have Validity of 2 years.

                            Who Can learn Web Desiging

    • All Students Who Have Completed Their 10+2 From Any Stream Or Higher

    • Graduation In Arts Or Any Other Stream, Basic Computer Knowledge Will Be Add On.

    • Polytechnic In Any Stream Or Higher

    • House Wives

    • Small Business Owner

    • Business Startups

    • Marketing Executive

    • Product Manager

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    Mon- Sat : 3 hours daily

    Weekend Classes: Saturday and Sunday

    Fast Track Classes : 6+ Hours daily 

    Online Classes : Mon to Sun, 

    Web designing Course Syllabus


    • Basic in Photoshop

    • Tools in Photoshop

    • Simple templates design

    • Menu in Photoshop

    • Different navigation bar

    • Image effects

    • Design your portfolio page

    • Design a high end web

    • Designing from scratch

    • Design a cool Photography

    • Portfolio

    • Unique Desktop Layout


    • HTML Introduction

    • HTML Editors

    • HTML Basic

    • HTML Elements

    • HTML Attributes

    • HTML Headings

    • HTML Paragraphs

    • HTML Formatting

    • HTML Links

    • HTML Head

    • HTML CSS

    • HTML Images

    • HTML Tables

    • HTML Layout

    • HTML Forms

    • HTML Iframes

    • HTML List 

    • HTML Block

    • HTML Colors

    • HTML Colornames

    • HTML Colorvalues

    • HTML JavaScript

    • HTML Entities

    • HTML URL Encode

    • HTML Quick List

    • HTML Summary

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    • HTML5 Intro

    • HTML5 New Elements

    • HTML5 Canvas

    • HTML5 SVG

    • HTML5 Drag/Drop

    • HTML5 Geolocation

    • HTML5 Video

    • HTML5 Audio

    • HTML5 Input Types

    • HTML5 Form Elements

    • HTML5 Form Attributes

    • HTML5 Semantic

    • HTML5 Web Storage

    • HTML5 App Cache

    • HTML5 Web Workers

    • HTML5 SSE

    in best web designing training in mohali you will learn How to Develop Webpages and how you can deploy a website on live server. you will learn how to manage hosting and domain.

    CSS and CSS3

    • CSS Basic

    • CSS HOME

    • CSS Introduction

    • CSS Syntax

    • CSS Id & Class

    • CSS How To

    • CSS Backgrounds

    • CSS Text

    • CSS Fonts

    • CSS Links

    • CSS Lists

    • CSS Tables

    • CSS Box Model

    • CSS Border

    • CSS Outline

    • CSS Margin

    • CSS Padding

    • CSS Grouping/Nesting

    • CSS Dimension

    • CSS Display

    • CSS Positioning

    • CSS Floating

    • CSS Align

    • CSS Pseudo-class

    • CSS Pseudo-element

    • CSS Navigation Bar

    • CSS Image Gallery

    • CSS Image Opacity

    • CSS Image Sprites

    • CSS Media Types

    • CSS Attr Selectors

    • CSS3 Introduction

    • CSS3 Borders

    • CSS3 Backgrounds


    By doing best web designing training in mohali you will kick start your career as a Front end developer ,UX Designer, Web Designer . After the completing the course of basic web designing and advance web designing course in mohali you can easily start from 15,000/- to 25,000/- per month.

    • What is JavaScript

    • Understanding Events

    • JavaScript Example

    • External JavaScript

    • Comment

    • Variable

    • Global Variable

    • Data Types

    • operators

    • If Statement

    • Switch

    • Loop: for and while

    • Function

    • JavaScript objects

    • JavaScript Array


    • jQuery HOME

    • jQuery Intro

    • jQuery Install

    • jQuery Syntax

    • jQuery Selectors

    • jQuery Events

    • jQuery Hide/Show

    • jQuery Fade

    • jQuery Slide

    • jQuery Animate

    • jQuery stop()

    • jQuery Callback

    • jQuery Chaining

    • jQuery GetjQuery Set

    • jQuery Add

    • jQuery Remove

    • jQuery CSS Classes

    • jQuery css()

    • jQuery Dimensions

    • jquery slider


    • About Corel Draw

    • The User Interface

    • Creating a New Document

    • Opening a Existing Document

    • Working With Templates

    • Layout

    •  Import

    • Export

    • Free Transform Tool crop tool

    • Hand Tool

    • text tool

    • freehand tool

    • rectangular tool

    • Interactive tool

    • Eyedropper tool

    • outline tool


    • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

    • Illustrator UI

    • Creating new workspace

    • Saving workspace

    • Closing workspace

    • Customize the Workspace

    •  Using Calligraphic Brushes

    • Editing A brush

    • Using Art Brush

    • Working with Art Board

    • Working with rules and guides

    • Using A pe tool

    How To Reach Us


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    SCO 218-219 3th Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160059

    Call now: 9041288967

    Best Web Designing Training in mohali Course Benefits

    • Basic and Advance Web Designing 

    • 100% Practical Training

    • One to one Session

    • 4 Certifications

    • 5 Interviews will be held

    • Assured Job

    • 2 Days Free Trails

    • Live Projects

    • Assignment Based Training

    • Learn from Developers

    • LED Screen Based Classes

    • Earn from internet

    • Free Spoken and PD Classes

    • 2 years Validity on Each Course

    By doing best web designing training in mohali you will kick start your career as a Front end developer ,UX Designer, Web Designer . After the completing the course of basic web designing and advance web designing course in mohali you can easily start from 15,000/- to 25,000/- per month

    Our Best Web Designing Training in mohali will Give you 100% Job Placement

    After completion of course Mssoffto will conduct your 5 interviews in reputed MNC’s Mssoffto will prepare you for these interviews by giving you free PD and Soft skill classes so the you can easily crack any interview.

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