PPC Training in Chandigarh

PPC Training in Chandigarh

ppc training in chandigarh mohali

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Mssoffto Private Limited is recognized as the best PPC company or best PPC training institute in Chandigarh region for providing an intensive PPC training in Chandigarh with practical as well as factual learning.Mssoffto is a professional ISO 9001:2018 Certified PPC training institute in Chandigarh which is felicitated 4 times with the National Awards in the field of Digital Marketing, Industrial Training and Web Development.

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Mssoffto consists of a team of highly expert and experienced PPC professionals/trainers which will make you industry-ready by giving you 100% practical PPC training in Chandigarh with Live Projects. Mssoffto will make you Master in PPC by helping you to implement PPC strategies from basic to advanced level.

Mssoffto is known for its QUALITY


Mssoffto’s PPC course near me covers up major topics like Introduction to Google Adwords, Video Ads, Creating your first Campaign, Adgroups & Keywords, Bidding Strategies, Ad Format & Types, Other Targeting Methods, Conversions

Benefits of PPC


You can easily get the attention from your target audience, if you have an idea how to properly implement your ads. Get more attention and eventually sales from the customers through PPC branding.

PPC Course Syllabus

Introduction to google ads 

  • Introduction to Google Ads                                   

  • Importance of Google Ads

  • Adwords account creation

  • Type of campaign

  • Campaign level settings

  • Adgroup level Setting

  • Keyword match types

  • Bidding options & Budget

  • Ad rank & Quality Score

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Types of Audience


Display Campaign

  • Introduction to display networks

  • Bidding strategy and budget

  • Ad rotation & scheduling

  • Device targeting

  • Frequency capping

  • Content Exclusion

  • Ad group

  • Types of Audience

  • Demographics

  • Content targeting

  • Ad group bid

  • Ad Creation


Search / Text Ads 

  • Introduction to search campaign

  • Search network / text ads importance

  • Network Selection

  • Budgets and Campaign building strategy

  • Location targeting

  • Click through Rates


  • Budget Calculation

  • Ad Rotation

  • Site link extension

  • Callout extension

  • Call extension

  • Structured snippet

  • App extension

  • Message extension

  • Promotion & Price extension

  • Location extension

  • Ad group Introduction

  • Keywords & Negative keywords

  • Ad Creation

  • Difference between final & Display Url

  • Headlines & description



Google Shopping Ads

  • Inventory filter

  • Local Products

  • Bidding Strategy & Budget

  • Delivery method

  • Campaign priority

  • Google Search ads partner Networks

  • Device Targeting

  • Location targeting & Scheduling

  • Ad group & Ad format

  • Bid



Gmail  Campaign

  • Gmail Campaign

  • Campaign goals

  • Location targeting

  • Bidding strategies & Budget

  • Delivery method

  • Ad rotation & schedule

  • Devices targeting

  • Dynamic ads

  • Adgroup

  • Keywords & Negative Keywords

  • Affinity & custom affinity audience

  • Inmarket Audiences

  • Remarketing and similar audiences

  • Demographics

  • Automated targeting

  • Ad group bid


Video Campaign

  • Google Video ads Networks
    Campaign Goals

  • Sales, Leads, Website traffic

  • Product and Brand Consideration

  • Brand awareness and reach Campaign Subtype

  • Influence consideration

  • Shopping

  • ad sequence

  • skippable in-stream ads

  • Bumper ads

  • Non-skippable instream ads

  • Outstream ads

  • Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • Languages

  • Location targeting

  • Inventory type

  • Excluded content

  • Excluded types and labels

  • Device targeting

  • Types of Audience

  • Demographics

  • Content targeting

  • Ad group bid

  • Ad Creation



Google Merchant Centre 

  • Account Creation

  • product feeds creation

  • Google merchant center and Google Ads account linking


Universal App Campaign

  • Ad assets

  • App Campaign Network

  • Locations & language

  • Budget & bidding

  • Campaign optimization

  • Ad scheduling



Who can join PPC Training in Chandigarh?


The good part about Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing) is that, there is no special criterion as such needed to learn PPC Course. Individuals of all fields and backgrounds can accommodate our PPC Training program. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers and internet can learn PPC Marketing by being part of our PPC training program in Chandigarh.




Students And Graduates

  • For better job opportunities

  • To earn money as a freelancer

  • To gain more confidence and self esteem



Working professionals

  • For better job opportunities in digital domain

  • Can earn much higher salaries

  • Can work as a freelancer for generating more money

  • Much better and promising career


 Business owners

  • To get more business leads via PPC

  • For more business growth opportunities

  • For expanding business in other countries

  • For more Return On Investments (ROI)

  • For better and organized business



Housewives/Retired employees

  • To earn income via online business models



Sales and marketing Employes of companies


  • To increase their work productivity

Contact Information

Name – Mssoffto  (Best Google AdWords Training in Mohali)

Address – Mohali

Phone Number – 9041288967     

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PPC Training - FAQs


Q 1. Do you provide PPC Training Certificate after the course?

Ans. Yes, we do provide PPC certification after the completion of the course.

Q 2. Do we get practical training for PPC Course at Mssoffto?

Ans. Yes, PPC training in Chandigarh at Mssoffto comes with practical sessions and labs.

Q 3. Is PPC Training in Chandigarh at Mssoffto up to date and relevant?

Ans. Mssoffto provides the latest, best-quality content that is up to date with current industry needs. Our experienced and certified trainers constantly research the latest trends and indulge them into our training programs.

Q 4. What are the qualifications of PPC trainers at Mssoffto?

Ans. PPC training at Mssoffto is provided under a team of expert, certified and experienced PPC professionals/trainers who have 8+ years of experience in PPC.

Q 5. How can I enroll in PPC Training at Mssoffto?

Ans. You can enroll in our PPC training by registering on our website or visiting our office.

Q 6. What is the duration of PPC training program from Mssoffto?

Ans. The duration to get PPC training from Mssoffto Technologies is 2 months.

Q 7. What is the job guarantee after PPC Training provided by Mssoffto?

Ans. Mssoffto provides 100% placement support till you get a job, as the placement service at Mssoffto is not just assistance, rather it is a passion. Free interview preparation classes are also provided.

Q 8. What is the course fees of PPC Training in Chandigarh provided by Mssoffto?

Ans. The course fee for our PPC training in Chandigarh depends on the type of course you select. There are separate fee structures for weekday and weekend batch students. You can call us on 9041288967, for detailed information on the fee structure and timings for PPC Training in Chandigarh.

Q 9. Who can join PPC training course in Chandigarh provided by Mssoffto Technologies?

Ans. PPC training course at Mssoffto is open for everyone, irrespective of their respective fields. Anyone (students, business owners, working professionals, housewives, retired employees etc) who has a basic understanding of computers and Internet can be a part of our PPC training in Chandigarh.

Q 10. Do you offer industry specific PPC Course in Chandigarh at Mssoffto?


Ans. For business owners and working professionals, a specially crafted PPC training in Chandigarh is provided to help them with their business niche.

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