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Nowadays, there are lots of big or small companies that are using the PHP language that’s why it has become a most popular language and PHP training in Mohali will provide a complete skill of PHP programming for further development.

Mssoffto is presenting a best PHP training course in Mohali that is fully inspired and motivated with recent trends and parameters which will help you to get instant jobs at reputed MNCs. We focus on real-time and placement generating PHP training in Mohali and here you will get in- depth knowledge of A to Z means basic to advanced level and we have trained more than 500+ PHP programmer which are working top MNCs companies.

 At Mssoffto , our PHP Programming course provides the knowledge necessary to develop dynamic, database-driven web pages. There is huge demand of PHP developers across the world, understanding the need Mssoffto has designed a specialized PHP course in Mohali, Various modules include PHP as language, MYSQL as database, training on CMS Joomla/WordPress and Drupal, Framework CakePHP, Payment gateway integration, Magento, Open cart as essential parts of web designing and web development course in PHP.

What is PHP

PHP is open-source, which is one of the useful things for any industry. Therefore, PHP is readily available and is completely free to develop websites.

PHP has a large list of advantages over any other programming language. PHP is the most convenient and affordable technology for web development purpose. Here are the advantages of PHP, we will discuss briefly:

 Cross-Platform- PHP is platform-independent and can run any PHP application on any platform. PHP is supported by almost all operating systems, for example, UNIX, Linux, Winds, and Solaris. These platforms can be used to write a program in PHP, and can also display web pages or execute PHP-based applications. PHP can interact with both Apache and MySQL. PHP has the versatility that it can be combined with any other technology such as Java, .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular JS and there is no requirement for redevelopment.

 Easy database connection- Since PHP executes directly on the server, it uses the Internet and a database often needs connections. Therefore, the PHP connection to a database should be very smooth and easily interoperable. Many websites that rely on e-commerce, retail, or health care need good database management systems. PHP has a module called “built-in” which helps in quick connection with DB. Therefore, PHP is always the first choice when the goal is to develop a web-based application. PHP needs less time to learn and develop any web application, even a user who knows little HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can easily become a web developer in PHP.

 Easy to use- PHP is common and is always the first choice for a web developer because it is easy to use. Compared to other languages, PHP is simple, fluent, clean and organized. It is therefore useful for newcomers. PHP contains simple syntax, easy to remember and good organization. The PHP syntax is similar to C, so anyone who knows C can start working on Python as well. Also, PHP is easier to create and improve the app.

Mssoffto offers PHP training in Mohali where we offer a course in web design consisting of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery, Core PHP, Advanced PHP, Joomla, Code igniter and WordPress. Along with this course, we offer the mock test, interview preparation, communication skills, and backup lessons.


Module 1:HTML

 Introduction to HTML

 Html Basic Tag

 HTML Image


 HTML List

 HTML Table


 HTML Frame

 HTML Forms

 HTML Font

 Marquee Tag and Various Other Tags and Features

Module 2:HTML5

 Introduction to HTML5

 What’s new in HTML5

 HTML5 Features

 HTML5 Doc Type

 New Structure Tags







 New Media Tags

 Audio and Video tags

Module 3:DHTML (CSS)

 Introduction to CSS

 CSS Background

 CSS Margin

 CSS Padding

 CSS Border

 CSS Float

 CSS Links

 CSS Text

 CSS Outline

Module 4:Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 3)

 Introduction to CSS 3

 Basic CSS3 Selectors

 Advanced CSS3 Selectors

 New CSS3 Properties

 CSS Rounded Corners

 Box Shadow

 Text Shadow Property

 Text Stroke Property

 CSS Gradients


Module 5:Working Knowledge of JavaScript

 Introduction to JavaScript

 Introducing variables objects

 Introduction to Event Handlers

  Document Object,

 Images, Links, Forms

 Form Validations

 Slider Effects

 JavaScript Transition Effects

Module 6:jQuery (Javascript Library)

 Introduction and Installation


 jQuery Selectors

 jQuery Events

 jQuery Effects

 jQuery Animation

Module 7:AJAX (Pre-Requisite:ServerEnd Technology)


 XMLHttpRequest Object

 Creating a Request Object

 Sending a Request to Server

 Receiving a Response From The Server

 ReadyState and Status of a Request

Module 8:Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

 Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver DW5

 Dreamweaver Interface Basics

 Type of Views

 Defining a Dreamweaver Site

 Standard Tool Bar

 Multiple Browser Previews

 Anchor Links

 Insert Table

 Insert Div

 Inserting Images

 Inserting Tables

 Text Tags

 Forms in Dreamweaver

 Input Tags

 Select Tag / List Tag / Opt Group

 Buttons (Submit and Reset)

 File Type / Encoding Type

Module 9:Core PHP

 PHP Introduction

 PHP Basic

 How to Install PHP

 Basic Syntax of PHP

 PHP Variables & Data Type

 Date Time Function

 Regular Expressions

 PHP Operators

 PHP Arrays

 String Handing in PHP

 Session And Cookie

 PHP Function

 PHP Forms

 File Handing

 PHP $Get Method

 PHP $ Post Method

 Server Method

 Request Method

 File Upload

 Form Action

 Form Based Query

 Form Validation

Module 10:MYSQL

 Introduction to MYSQL

 Creating MYSQL Connection

 Creating Database & Tables

 MYSQL Queries

 Data types in SQL

 MYSQL select

 Maintain data in a table by using: INSERT, UPDATE statement, DELETE statement

 Use Where

 Use wild cards

 Use the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL keywords

 Use the ORDER BY clause

 Use the DISTINCT keyword

 Use aggregate functions in queries

 Viewing database

 Deleting database

 Renaming database

 Insert rows into tables

 Delete tables

 Altering tables

 Backup of database etc

Module 11:Advance PHP

 Object oriented Programming with PHP

 Class and Object

 Public, Private, Protected Modifiers

 Constructors and Destructors


 Magic Methods

 Inheritance and Interfaces



 Installing WordPress

 Admin / Dashboard panel basics

 Installing your theme

 Edit general settings

 Using Categories and Tags

 Customizing your Dashboard Using Widgets

 Converting HTML Theme Into WordPress Theme

 Creating Customized WordPress Plug in


 Introduction to Joomla

 Installation and Configuration

 Adding Contents

 Administering Joomla

 Integrating Extensions

 Creating Extensions (Modules, Components)


 Introduction to Drupal

 Exception Handling

 Database Programming

 HTTP Request/Response

 Sending e-mail

 File Operations

 Sessions & Cookies


 How to install Magento on server and local computer

 How to install theme and customize it.

 Admin / Dashboard panel knowledge and working.

 Learn to convert PSD into Magento.

 Clear idea and working with your own design.

 How to customize home page including sidebars and menu.

 How to install modules and modify

 How to create users and provide various permissions.

 Develop your own custom Module.


 Introduction About MVC

 Working on MVC

 Cake PHP


Module 13 Web Hosting

 Web Hosting Basics

 Types of Hosting Packages

 Registering domains

 Defining Name Servers

 Using FTP Client

 Maintaining a Website

 Interview Preparation

Application of PHP

In today’s situation, any Web application developed in the system should have the following features:


 Very interactive user interface

 Transactions can be made online

 Must be integrated with DB

Through its 3-tier architecture, server and database system PHP offers a reliable ready-made solution ready to achieve the above features. As a survey, it is said that PHP is used to develop 82% of sites; over 200 million websites are built on PHP.

 CMS – Content Management Systems- PHP provides support for various databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access and can interact with other services. Thus, PHP was used to develop common Web Content Management Systems (CMS), along with WordPress and plug-ins.

 E-Commerce Applications- From small to large companies, online sales of the product is everyone’s requirement. PHP frameworks such as Code Igniter Magento and CakePHP allow the creation of e-commerce applications quickly and easily. Examples of the uses of PHP frameworks in applications are OpenCart, PrestaShop, AgoraCart, and Ubercart.

Mssoffto offers one of the best PHP courses in Mohali because at the end of the course we take a live project for areas such as web development, web application development, ecommerce-based application development, etc.

Benefits of PHP Training in Mohali

 PHP scripting language is very simple, understandable, and easily readable to anyone and has better performance as compared to other programming languages.

 To a greater extent, PHP supports different kinds of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite etc., as well as different kind of servers such as Apache, iPlanet, Netscape etc.

 PHP has a high ability to create dynamic, responsive and secure web applications such as Facebook and Twitter due to the most popular and acceptable programming language.

 As PHP is an open source, anyone from all across the world can use it free of cost and can also be modified and distributed easily.

 As it’s an open source technology, PHP does not use a lot of systems by which the PHP hosting becomes very easy.

Career Opportunities

 PHP Developer/PHP Web Developer

 Web Developer/E-commerce Developer


 PHP Analyst

 PHP Programmer

 Web Designer

 PHP Trainer

 Freelance Software Developer

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